Safe Track Beating the Hurdles of Life

Safe Track independence programme is designed to offer young people the opportunity to experience what it is to live on their own. Our role is to offer consistency, and safety of young people whom wish to practice new life skills; whilst at the same time providing a safe arena to learn from areas which need improving.


We believe that encouraging young people to manage their own affairs in the community is a realistic way of how life skills can help them in their future. We provide suitable and comfortable accommodation with the necessary basic requirements. We have a range of properties suitable for the individual young person, and recognise that some young people can live independently, whilst others may prefer the security of other peers around who are in similar situations to themselves.  Each young person will have their own bedroom, and have access to a shared kitchen, bathroom and living room.


Our Aim


Our aim is to offer the young person support and the opportunity to improve their independence skills. Part of our ethos is to give the young person an understanding of basic living skills,  budgeting,  home maintenance, diet, nutrition, and utilising local resources. We aim to do this by forming close associations with the young person, the social worker, or any other support networks/organisation in the interest of working in partnership. We believe in building and formulating trusting relationships which we know can contribute to the greater success of the young person reaching targets and individual goals.


We incorporate the belief that young people are not always aware or conscious of the behaviour they display. We encourage them to look at      themselves as individuals and recognise the  positive attributes they possess and help them to address the areas in which they require assistance to improve.


 See List of areas we work with:


Feelings re: independence - will I go astray?

Drug  and Alcohol

Sex Health

Youth Culture




Employment, Connexions


Diet & Nutrition

Volunteering work experience

 Learning IT Skills;

Organisation Skills

Participating  & Contributing in Groups

Developing Cooking Skills

Maintenance Skills